Local uFarmCoin Markets

We will represent hundreds of locally sourced products that a consumer can identify as being locally produced unlike the typical vendors at many of these farmers markets that bring products from hundreds of miles away.

uFarmCoin Farmhands will operate the farmers market booths and take orders for delivery that very day from multiple Farm Councils.

​uFarmCoin - A Cryptocurrency and Platform for the Urban Farming Revolution.


We envision an Urban Farming Economy that owns land and shares other land to the benefit of the owners, grows local crops and enables and facilitates the keeping of bees and husbandry of small animals and chickens.


Our Mission: Produce food locally to be eaten locally while creating jobs and economic vitality locally … in every locality.

What are uFarmCoins ?

Farm Council credits ( FCC ) are denominated in uFarmCoin.


uFarmCoin is an Internal form of money represented by a digital currency similar to Bitcoin based on Ethereum smart contracts that can be converted into other digital currencies or US Dollars.

What are Farm Networks ?

Farm Networks consists of one or more Farm Councils in regional associations that makes sense and is agreed upon by local Farm Councils.


Farm Networks may with their constituent Councils express permission trade at the Farm Network level for resources or production of other Farm Networks.