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How to get Microgreens ?

We are currently serving three markets. Local Restarant Chefs, Local Farmers Markets and our own Consumer Supported Agriculture (CSA) Subscription customers. We do not currently sell to grocers or other retails outlets, but we are always interested in new ideas !

We are very responsive to our Chefs and patrons at the Farmers Markets and are always looking for ideas on what are the best Microgreens to grow.

We are currently growing or planning to grow Wheatgrass, Broccoli, Sunflower, Peas, Bull's Blood Beet, Cilantro, Parsley, Arugula, Daikon Radish and a new favorite Red Garnet Amaranth.


We regularly evaluate the market for the following Watercress, Cabbage, Pac Choi, Wasabi Mustard, Mizuna, Kale, Purple Kohlrabi, Basil, Carrot, Celery, Scallions and Swiss Chard.

MicrogreensLA is located in the South Bay of Los Angeles. We are a Hyper-Local, organic grower of specialty microgreens including wheatgrass and herbs.


Think Globally, Act Locally.


We deliver the freshest and finest Microgreens including Wheatgrass to our clients within a 10 mile radius of Hermosa Beach. We are South Bay but we look forward to opening more locations across Los Angeles. A Microgreens farmer needs to focus on quality and speed of delivery. Frozen is NOT an option. A lot of transportation shake, rattle and roll is NOT an option. That's why this is a Hyper-Local business and we love that, because we are close to Family, Friends and what really matters in life.

MicrogreensLA grows its products using Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) techniques, sustainable agricultural practices and fractions of the resources (water) of traditional in-ground farming. Such practices involve both soil-based and soil-less hydroponic growing techniques.

We use clean fresh, filtered water, kelp-based fertilizer (a sustainable resource) and no chemicals, fungicides, or pesticides. We use a soil based on coconut coir, the ground husks of coconuts (a sustainable resource). When composted properly this soil is reused to amend soils for a number of landscaping projects throughout the South Bay enhancing our environment.


Pest management is handled using beneficial insects, Citric Acid, Bacillus Thuringiensis, Physical Barriers and the watchful eye of the farmer. All product is grown from GMO-FREE Organically grown, Heirloom seeds. You can rest assured our products are safe for you, your family and those that you love and that love and trust you.


Southern California Farmers Markets


We have a regular presence at local Farmers Markets to sell product and meet with our clients and customers to discuss the crops for today and tomorrow.


We are attending just one Farmers Market a week, but it's a Really Great one. Come Join Us!



Torrance at Wilson Park from 8 am to 1 pm. We have our regulars, but we are always looking to make new friends.



Say Hi, and buy a few ounces. We are here to talk Microgreens and maybe share a shot of LIVING juice Wheatgrass, Sunflower, and Field Peas.


Retail Outlets coming soon...
We have several Mom & Pop small retail Deli and Grocery locations throughout the South Bay that we are talking with to carry our product. The first confirmed location is Boccato's Groceries located at 3127 Manhattan Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254.


We are excited about moving into retail and look forward to suggestions about a great local grocer near you.



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