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Red Garnet Amaranth has attractive fuschia stems and leaves. It tastes like a cross between Spinach & Swiss Chard. Its seeds, used as a "pseudo-grain" by the Aztecs over 8,000 years ago and contains many amino acids and nutrients. It can be eaten raw, sprouted, toasted, or ground into flour. Like quinoa, amaranth has a very long history as a South American food crop. Known as "kiwicha" in the Andes today, it was one of the Incas dietary staples.  The Aztecs, and other peoples of what is now Mexico, used it in the preparation of various ritual food and drinks.  One such recipe is made by toasting the seeds (like popping corn) and mixing them with honey or molasses.  It is still available there as a treat called "alegria" which translates from Spanish to joy or cheer.

Red Garnet Amaranth : Amaranthus cruentus

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