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MicrogreensLA is located in the South Bay of Los Angeles. We are a local, organic grower of specialty microgreens including wheatgrass and herbs.

MicrogreensLA grows its products using Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) techniques, sustainable agricultural practices and fractions of the resources (water) of traditional in-ground farming. Such practices involve both soil-based and soil-less hydroponic growing techniques.

We use clean fresh water, kelp-based fertilizer (a sustainable resource) and no chemicals, fungicides, or pesticides. We use a soil based on coconut coir, the ground husks of coconuts (a sustainable resource). When composted properly this soil is reused to amend soils for a number of landscaping projects throughout the South Bay enhancing our environment.


Pest management is handled using beneficial insects, physical barriers and the watchful eye of the farmer. All product is grown from GMO-FREE Heirloom seeds. You can rest assured our products are safe for you, your family and those that you love and that love and trust you.

Remember to wash all produce before eating!

1) Do you use GMO seeds ?

Answer: No. We will never use GMO seeds. Only heirloom seeds

grown and harvested organically. The GMO stops here.

2) Do you grow in Soil ? If so, what soil do you use ?

Answer: Yes. We believe there is a "Genius" to soil that cannot be

matched by mats or standard hydroponic techniques.

Our "soil" consists of the following elements:

3) Do you grow indoors? If so, what lights do you use ?

Answer: Yes. We use LED lights with a color temperature of 6500K

with enhancements in the blue spectrum to increase growth. But, the

color teperature is important. 6500 Kelvin or "K" is considered

Daylight or Full Spectrum. We don't believe we are "smarter" than

plants and they have all the energy spectrum to choose from

to grow healthy and strong.


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